Pingree River Corridor Easement

Name of Project: Pingree River Corridor EasementPingree RCE Black River

Location: Plymouth VT

River: Money Brook & Black River

Type of Project: River Corridor Easement

Public Access: No

Date Completed: August 2015

Size: 18.5 acres

Water Frontage: Black River (3,850 feet) and Money Brook (500 feet)

Landowner: Roderick and Katherine Pingree

Funding Partners:  VT Agency of Natural Resources Ecosystem Restoration Grant Program

Property Description: 

Money Brook is a high-gradient stream, and the topography of its channel levels out into an alluvial fan as it enters the Pingree parcel. The brook is highly unstable and transports an immense amount of sediment downstream.  Buildings and farmland in adjacent properties have been damaged during several floods. A barn in the property west of the easement was destroyed during Tropical Storm Irene, and the brook’s entire corridor was left covered in predominantly boulder-sized sediment and woody debris. In an attempt to confine the channel and prevent additional damage to adjacent properties, State of Vermont contractors piled the sediment into berms stretching from Route 100 east to the Black River. A flood chute broke through a stretch of the berm and has fanned out into the northeastern corner of the Pingree parcel. This area is now covered with fresh alluvial soil, indicating recent flooding. A small stand of forest separates Money Brook from the open meadow that covers the rest of the easement area, and this forested area is scattered with debris and sediment piles.

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